27JAPAN LAWYERS GUIDE 2018/19Law Firm ProlesHistory Yabuki Law Oces (“YLO”) was established by Teruo Yabuki in 1962. In the early days of its establishment until 1996, Yabuki Law Oces mainly represented individual clients in civil cases and small and medium-sized corpo-rate clients in general corporate cases. After Kimitoshi Ya-buki joined the rm in 1996, however, the rm expanded its operations, and today corporate and international legal services comprise the majority of its services. Services as Antrust / Compeon Law Ex-perts YLO has particular expertise in antitrust law and has handled many antitrust cases both in Japan and overseas. As a result, we have earned a reputation as one of the leading antitrust rms in both the domestic and interna-tional arena and appreciations from our clients. As a reputable rm dealing with antitrust law cases in Japan, YLO provides legal advice on various domestic and international competition/antitrust cases, including large cartel, bid-rigging, IT-related, private monopoliza-tion, and merger regulation cases in Japan and overseas such as investigation, hearing procedures of the Japan Fair Trade Commission and civil/criminal procedures at court. Kimitoshi Yabuki used to be Professor of Law in charge of antitrust and competition laws at Hitotsubashi University and also previously lectured at e University of Tokyo School of Law. He is also former chairperson of the Asia Competition Association and Vice President/Secretary General of the Japan Competition Law Forum. He is currently a senior ocer of the Bar Issues Commis-sion of the International Bar Association. Among the members of YLO, three members are for-mer ocials of the Japan Fair Trade Commission. Ikumi Sato worked as Hearing Examiner for ve years, Tomo-hiko Kimura at the Investigation Bureau for four years and Kota Hagiwara at various sections for eleven years. Hagiwara currently teaches Competition Law at Hoku-sei Gakuen University. Kimura has expertise in IT related competition cases while Sato is strong at IP area. eir experience and knowledge contribute extensively to the rm’s practical and theoretical legal services for its clients.Global Pracce Separately for the rm’s competition / antitrust prac-tice, YLO extends various international legal services to its clients.Challenge for Clients and Practical Solutions with Integrity are Our Value as Reputable Antitrust Boutique FirmAccess:Yabuki Law OcesEmail: info@yabukilaw.jpURL: hp://www.yabukilaw.jp/englishAddress: ATAGO TOYO Building, 3rd Floor1-3-4 Atago, Minato-ku,Tokyo 105-0002, JapanTel: +81-3-5425-6761 Fax: +81-3-3437-3680Yabuki Law OfficesFrom left, Tomohiko Kimura, Kota Hagiwara, Kimitoshi Yabuki

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