23JAPAN LAWYERS GUIDE 2018/19Law Firm Prolessteps to be taken for due maintenance for FIT ID and other permits and licenses, and this experience has pro-vided valuable advice for TMI’s domestic and overseas clients. TMI’s attorneys also have a signicant track re-cord in respect of large volume acquisition transactions and other unique transactions in the Japanese energy sector. e energy sector is one of the top priority sec-tors for TMI and the rm has committed to continuous-ly focusing on this type of works by creating an energy term comprised of energy sector specialists.Life Sciences TMI provides corporations and start-ups expanding globally in the life sciences and pharmaceutical/medi-cal device elds with comprehensive and practical legal advice on establishing their business, licensing, public oerings, M&A and litigation. For pharmaceutical and healthcare products, in addition to patent and trade-mark-related services, TMI provides practical advice based on the applicable laws and regulations such as the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Law and the An-ti-Monopoly Law in relation to the development, pro-duction, sale, distribution, promotion, advertising and pricing of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, cosmetics and health foods. In the medical care eld, TMI provides practical advice based on the Medical Practitioners Act, Medical Service Act and other relat-ed laws for leading-edge technology such as regenera-tive medicine, remote medical care and medical-related information services. For biotechnology, TMI provides practical advice bases on the relevant laws, regulations and guidelines related to research and development on leading-edge technology such as stem cell and biotech-nology-based medicines and biosimilars.Marime/Shipping TMI’s Maritime Law team provides legal services on all aspects in relation to shipping and maritime matters, not only for shipping nance but also dry-shipping (car-riage of goods by sea) and wet-shipping (safety of ships and marine casualty). For non-contentious matters, TMI provides clients with necessary legal support for tradi-tional and non-traditional projects all the way from the beginning of such project and works to enable clients to properly register the vessel with securities in collab-oration with the relevant local lawyers and registries. As nancing contracts are closely linked with shipbuilding contracts or ship sales contracts and charterparties, TMI also provides a broad range of legal advice, including the drafting or reviewing of such contracts ancillary to nancing transactions. For contentious matters, TMI ad-vises on various types of disputes relating to shipbuilding, charterparties, bills of lading, cargo claims, and casualty or insurance claims. TMI is particularly strong in the ar-eas of oil tankers, chemical tankers and LNG tankers and is able to represent shipowners, operators, trading hous-es, shipbuilders, P&I clubs and hull insurers.Firm DetailsSenior Managing Partner: Katsuro TANAKAManaging Partners:Eizo MATSUO, Tomohiro TOHYAMA,Yoshiyuki INABA (Patent Attorney), Ryosuke ITONumber of Lawyers (bengoshi):394 (Partners: 124 including two foreign law counsels)Number of Patent/Trademark attorneys (benrishi): 79 (Partners: 15)Languages:Japanese, English, Chinese, French, Korean, HindiOverseasShanghai shanghai@tmi.gr.jpBeijingbeijing@tmi.gr.jpHo Chi Minh Cityhochiminh@tmi.gr.jpHanoihanoi@tmi.gr.jpSingapore singapore@tmi.gr.jpYangonyangon@tmi.gr.jpPhnom Penhphnompenh@tmi.gr.jpSilicon Valleysiliconvalley@tmi.gr.jpLondonlondon@tmi.gr.jpAccess:TMI AssociatesURL: hp://www.tmi.gr.jp/english/•TOKYOinfo_general@tmi.gr.jp•KOBEkobe@tmi.gr.jp•NAGOYAnagoya@tmi.gr.jp•OSAKAosaka@tmi.gr.jp

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