22JAPAN LAWYERS GUIDE 2018/19experienced attorneys who formerly served at govern-ment agencies such as the Public Prosecutor's Oce, the Japan Fair Trade Commission, the Securities and Ex-change Surveillance Commission, the Financial Services Agency and the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau. Armed with such expertise and the enormous manpower of the rm, TMI is well-positioned to serve its clients and help them to deal with any diculties they may be experi-encing in the most eective and timely manner possible. Antrust/Compeon TMI has several attorneys with substantial experi-ence in competition law, including those who have even worked at the Japan Fair Trade Commission which is the Japanese regulatory authority responsible for enforcing antimonopoly laws. TMI provides a wide range of ser-vices for its clients, from advising on M&A transactions and counseling on business and operational compliance with Japan’s antimonopoly laws, through to providing support in response to large-scale investigations. In par-ticular, TMI has signicant experience in handling inter-national antitrust and competition matters, such as inter-national cartel cases, both throughout the Asian region and on a global basis.  Recent matters of interest include: (i) Representation of several major Japanese auto parts companies in cartel investigations, globally coordinating counsel and imple-menting global strategies for the related investigations and follow-on litigation; (ii) Conducting successful de-fenses for several senior management members who were “carved out” or designated as “carve out” candidates by the U.S. DOJ in a cartel investigation; (iii) Representa-tion of multiple companies in complex mergers, joint ventures and strategic alliances, and obtaining clearanc-es in multiple jurisdictions; and (iv) Implementation of global compliance programs for multiple Japan-based listed companies.Labor TMI’s labor and employment attorneys provide practi-cal, problem-solving legal advice to clients facing dicult and complex situations. TMI’s services cover the entire spectrum of labor and employment-related matters in Ja-pan, including employment litigation, negotiation with labor unions, employment related support for M&A deals and reorganizations, and investigations into harassment and other misconduct. e goal of TMI’s Labor Law team is to provide ecient and client-friendly solutions, seeking breakthroughs in what seem to be the most in-tractable situations. is is achieved by drawing upon the extensive knowledge and experience developed by TMI’s attorneys in advising and representing numerous leading Japanese and multinational corporations and institutions.Tax TMI’s tax team is primarily comprised of attorneys sec-onded to the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau, attorneys qualied as tax accountants, certied public accountants, and attorneys and tax accountants who are former public prosecutors from the Special Investigations Department. In addition, the former Commissioner of the National Tax Agency and the former Head of the National Tax Agency serve as advisors and are able to tackle tax issues by taking the mindset of the tax authorities into consider-ation. TMI also has a proven track record in handling tax investigations and tax disputes for its clients, including se-curing reductions in tax assessments worth several billions of yen for tax investigations relating to transfer pricing tax and inheritance tax and achieving success in lawsuits for the outright revocation of corporate tax assessments for amounts totaling more than several billion yen.Energy TMI has a wealth of experience in the eld of energy projects including solar, wind, biomass and hydroelec-tric power generation projects. TMI’s clients include major energy companies, project nance lenders, “su-per general contractors,” utility companies and other major contractors involved therein. TMI is capable of providing a wide variety of services on energy projects, such as inbound transactions implemented by US, Eu-ropean and Asian investors and secondary transactions by way of business transfers, share deals and corporate split transactions involving multi-national parties. TMI is also at the forefront in terms of knowledge surround-ing legal compliance regarding energy projects such as the recently amended Renewable Energy Act and other electricity and gas related laws and regulations. Further, TMI is experienced in due diligence work in relation to energy projects, such as legal review of the necessary TMI Associates

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