21JAPAN LAWYERS GUIDE 2018/19Law Firm Prolesstructures and approaches. Since TMI is renowned for its IP practice area, its Corporate/M&A team is extremely strong in IP-oriented industries, not only in the conven-tional life science, pharmaceutical and IT industries but also the fast-growing n-tech and health-IT industries. In these areas and others, TMI is able to provide incompa-rable professional advice by adding the deep insights of the rm’s IP and patent professionals. With overseas of-ces in China, Vietnam, Singapore and Myanmar, TMI is well-situated to assist Japanese companies in conducting M&A deals throughout the Asian region. After the open-ing of the Silicon Valley oce in 2014, TMI has become renowned as a leading Japanese law rm in the eld of investment in start-ups and provides valuable advice to do-mestic and global venture capital investors and corporate venture capitals (CVCs).Banking/Finance As nancial markets and their regulations change rap-idly and become more complex and globalized, so do the needs of clients. With a team of over 60 attorneys (in-cluding more than 20 partners/consels), TMI provides cutting-edge solutions in areas such as asset nancing for real estate, and project nancing for urban development, renewable energy and social infrastructure, in addition to more conventional nancial services such as banking and capital markets, investment funds and asset manage-ment, derivatives and structured products, and leveraged nancing. TMI’s core expertise also extends to providing advice on nancial regulations and investigations to pro-tect the best interests of clients, both domestic and inter-national. Working closely with its international network, TMI is able to provide seamless services on cross-border matters to a full range of nancial market participants. Recent matters of interest include TMI setting up a Fin-tech Desk in its Tokyo oce, becoming the rst Japanese rm to do so.IP/Media/Entertainment/Telecommunica-ons & Technology TMI is a leading law rm in Japan and worldwide in the practice areas surrounding IP, Media, Entertainment and Telecommunications & Technology through its unique and unparalleled ability to form teams with a combina-tion of expert patent attorneys and IP lawyers. TMI also has unrivalled experience and achievements in the elds of sport, movies, television, music and other entertainment areas. In this regard, TMI handles all of the legal work for the Rugby World Cup 2019 as well as the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. In the IP-related eld, TMI is a pioneer in providing legal services concern-ing brands, trade secrets and content protection activities for its clients who include many of the world’s best-known brand companies, various international and domestic motion picture studios, television and music companies, major advertising agencies, newspaper companies, sports organizations, professional teams and Internet companies.Dispute Resoluon (Ligaon/Arbitraon/Me-diaon)  TMI is one of Japan’s leading litigation law rms, having handled hundreds of cases including commercial litigation, intellectual property litigation, tax disputes, administrative disputes, and other types of matters on be-half of our clients worldwide. TMI is able to look at the nature of each case and form legal teams including law-yers who are also qualied as specialists in related elds, such as medical doctors, architects, accountants and pat-ent attorneys with diverse technological backgrounds. To develop TMI’s litigation strategy, the rm incorporates advice from former judges (including three retired Su-preme Court Justices), to assimilate the viewpoints from the bench to the clients’ advantage. TMI also has signif-icant experience in international arbitration cases before arbitral institutions such as the ICC, LCIA, AAA, and JCAA, in the role of both counsel and arbitrator.Risk Management TMI is highly regarded for its prominent legal services on risk management, which include advice on public relations legal practices, crisis management, corporate fraud investigations, dealing with anti-social forces and white-collar crimes. TMI’s risk management team has an abundance of experience in dealing with complex and signicant matters in this area for both domestic and in-ternational clients. Amongst other areas, TMI has con-stantly sought to exert its best eorts in criminal defenses of white-collar crimes and corporate fraud investigations and to obtain the best possible results for clients involved in such matters. TMI’s Risk Management team features

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