19JAPAN LAWYERS GUIDE 2018/19Law Firm Proleslocal businesses within the umbrella of a global organ-isation to help N&A achieve the same.” For Miyasaka the objective of building an organisation that encourag-es each individual to seize opportunities to improve and learn and utilize his or her talents is at the forefront of his thinking: “Being innovators and pioneers in the eld of business laws has been our rm’s core value. To further foster this spirit and capability, N&A is now entering into another stage of organisational transformation. My role is to oversee the implementation of this critical work, and to bring new insights from the outsider’s point of view into this transformation process. It has been quite an exciting experience to work with the high calibre of people at N&A. I strongly believe we can make history together with this undoubtedly splendid group of talents at N&A.”Harnessing new technologies e most fundamental mission of N&A is to provide its clients with the highest-quality legal services. ere are a range of activities and areas of focus that underpin this objective. On the one hand, ensuring that lawyers are encouraged to think in pragmatic ways about how they can utilise their technical knowledge to advise a cli-ent. is links back to the idea of continuous learning and striving to improve and is an area that the rm in-tends to focus on in its ongoing training and develop-ment program. Reaching into innovative areas of legal research also has a role to play as evidenced by a recent award of Space Law Firm of the Year at the ALB Japan Law Awards 2018, presented by Asian Legal Business/omson Reuters. As important is the need to harness modern tech-nologies in support of the daily work of its lawyers by investing in excellent IT systems. So, for instance, the rm is currently engaged in reviewing how the various products either launched or under development in the AI eld can be incorporated into the work practices of the rm in order to deliver services more eciently. With the evolution of digital and cloud based systems of storage and sharing of information the rm also actively reviews how best to take advantage of those systems whilst main-taining the essential trust and condence of its clients in relation to the privacy of their aairs.Achieving our goals e current shifts in the make-up of the Japanese economy provide real opportunities for the rm, both at home, and overseas. Within Japan, the growth of service sector industries based around tourism has been most pronounced, leading to important initiatives such as the Integrated Resort law along with a myriad of opportuni-ties owing from Japan’s hosting of the next World Rug-by Cup in 2019 as well as the next Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. Whilst for many manufactur-ing and technology based industries the search for future growth has led to investments overseas. e rm is well placed to capitalise on both these trends. e starting point for everything has to be a focus on understanding each client’s needs and then delivering the highest quality service at the most ecient cost to support those needs. at is what has driven decisions to expand internation-ally, based upon the unique strength of client relation-ships. For those internationally minded it is an exciting time to be at N&A.Access:Nishimura & AsahiEmail: info@jurists.co.jp URL: www.jurists.co.jp/en Address: Otemon Tower, 1-1-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8124, Japan Tel: +81-3-6250-6200  Fax: +81-3-6250-7200 Hiroshi UchimaPartner and lead counsel for ToshibaCorporation’s restructuring

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