18JAPAN LAWYERS GUIDE 2018/19Japan’s economy and which therefore drive the strategic business decisions of our clients. With that picture the rm then sets about ensuring that its own resources and expertise are similarly aligned and focused. New York opening Due to the continued expansion of our internation-al presence and clientele, we will open an oce in New York in October 2018. Our New York oce will be led by senior corporate partner Katsuyuki Yamaguchi. “Our expansion to New York underlines our commit-ment to our Japanese clients, and to our international cli-ents who are taking advantage of increasing opportunities to invest in Japan,” says N&A Managing Partner Masaki Hosaka. “With our rm’s expansion in Asia already well developed, the time has come for us to go to the US. e US is the top destination for Japanese foreign direct investment, while the US is the largest investor in Japan. Our goals for New York include providing seamless sup-port, a closer and more convenient presence and a coor-dinating point for our large number of Japanese clients as they do business in North America and Latin America.” N&A has a long history of advising clients in the US, working closely with top-tier American law rms, and the new oce will enable closer collaboration, faster re-sponse times and even more ecient services for our ex-isting Japanese clients. “We continue to value highly our relationships with such rms, and we see the opening of our NY oce as a further step to deepen our strong and friendly connections with them in the mutual service of our clients,” says Hosaka. e focus of the new oce on large, complex, cross-border matters, regulatory investi-gations and on disputes aligns with our rm’s interna-tional growth strategy.Innovaon in the way the rm operates Of equal importance as our rm grows in size and scope across multiple jurisdictions is the task of ensur-ing that the rm’s systems and organisational structures adapt to the challenges of such expansion. Two recent hires at senior levels of management in the rm demonstrate that the rm is committed to getting this right. In a rst for a Japanese law rm, N&A hired two senior executives, Shoichi Miyasaka and Tim Jeares, to assist management identify, design and deliver import-ant changes needed in the rm’s organisation. Miyasaka’s background is in international business, initially as an investment banker and consultant to corporations, and more recently as the Australasian regional CEO of a lead-ing global retailing brand. Jeares brings more than 25 years of experience as a partner and practicing lawyer in one of the world’s leading global law rms during which time he led businesses in a variety of the rm’s network of oces. As Jeares explains: “N&A already has a reputa-tion as the leading Japanese law rm and is blessed with a fantastic client base. at client base increasingly sees opportunities for growth arising outside Japan. Having set a strategy a couple of years back to ‘internationalise’ and diversify its businesses outside Japan, what excited me about the opportunity to work at the rm was the chance to use my own experiences of building strong Nishimura & AsahiKatsuyuki YamaguchiNishimura & Asahi NY LLPManaging PartnerStephen D. BohrerNishimura & Asahi NY LLPPartnerMegumi ShimizuNishimura & Asahi NY LLPVice Managing Partner

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