9JAPAN LAWYERS GUIDE 2018/19Law Firm Proles MMN takes pride in the fact that many clients deem it “truly indispensable.”Strong Internaonal Pracce Many MMN attorneys have obtained advanced legal degrees abroad, are members of the New York Bar and have extended work experience at foreign law rms in the United States and Europe. It is this depth of experience that allows MMN to provide timely and hands-on coun-sel on a wide range of domestic and cross-border matters. MMN provides a variety of legal services to numerous multinational corporations doing business in Japan. Its practice covers, among others, all facets of business establishment in Japan, a range of commercial transac-tions, regulatory matters, M&A transactions, as well as litigation and other types of dispute resolution including high-stakes cross-border arbitration. MMN also provides myriad legal services to Japanese companies investing outside Japan, including M&A, or regarding issues inherent in doing business in foreign countries. e rm is especially well-versed in assisting clients on legal matters in Asian countries. MMN is the only member of INTERLAW in Japan. INTERLAW is the top-ranked law-rm network com-prised of independent law rms located in major cities throughout the world. INTERLAW enables MMN to provide clients with legal services in many countries worldwide through or collaboratively with other mem-bers of the network. INTERLAW enables MMN to pro-vide clients with international legal services as if it had a “branch oce” in almost every corner of the world.Pracce Areas MMN’s core competence is to provide comprehensive day-to-day advice and counseling to the corporate legal departments of its clients. To follow is a summary of its practice areas and an outline of the rm’s experience cov-ering representative matters.Banking & Financial Transacons MMN drafts, reviews and provides advice on loan agreements and other types of nancial transactions. It assists in the development of new products for domestic and foreign banks, securities companies and insurance companies in the Japanese regulatory environment. e rm provides nancial institutions with advice on regu-lations and compliance.Bankruptcy & Reorganizaon MMN is renowned for having handled several large-scale corporate reorganization cases. It regularly acts as court-appointed trustees in bankruptcy and corporate reorganization cases. MMN provides services relating to the Civil Rehabilitation Law and advises credi- tors in domestic and international bankruptcy cases. MMN also advises on purchasing claims against failed companies and other similar investments.Corporate Law & Commercial Transacons As one of MMN’s core competencies, the rm rou-tinely advises on various aspects of corporate and com-mercial transactions law. It advises on corporate com-pliance related matters including the establishment and maintenance of “helplines” as a part of a client’s compli-ance program. It regularly conducts incorporation and other procedural matters for corporations in addition to advising on matters relating to general shareholders’ meetings. MMN drafts, reviews and negotiates a wide The firm's reception area (left) and office interior (above)library

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